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About Paul Hanson

Paul Hanson’s musical journey is a testament of fearless dedication to craft and creativity. Over the last 20 years, Paul has rewritten the rulebook and set new standards for what is possible on this most classical of woodwind instruments. 

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New Horizons for the Bassoon

aul’s repertoire encompasses musical elements from all modern styles of improvised music. Paul uses his expanasive knowledge from his roots as a classical bassoonist and experience as a jazz saxophonist to rewrite what is possible on the bassoon. His explorations have transcended limitations and created new possibilities-all while making music of the highest quality. He is the world's leading jazz bassoonist 

Reaching New Heights

In 2008 Paul was invited to create his own role as electric improvising bassoonist in Cirque Du Soleil’s ZED-a resident show at Tokyo Disney Resort. This unique creation performed 380 shows a year from 2008-2011. To this day, Cirque Du Soleil auditions bassoonists because of the ZED role Paul helped develop and create.

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International Appeal

Paul has traveled throughout Europe, Japan, South America and the United States. He has appeared as a bassoonist at Carnegie Hall, the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Brno Jazz Festival in Czech Republic, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Berlin Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, the Ravinia Festival, the Leverkuzen Festival, the INTERLINK festival in Japan, the California Edge Festival 2005 and at numerous NAMM shows in Los Angeles and Nashville.

Paul Hanson on SaX

Early in his career, Paul found success as a funk and jazz saxophonist. He performed as a saxophonist with Cirque Du Soleil in the popular show Saltimbanco in South America. Additionally, he has performed with Tower of Power, Eddie Money, the Temptations, Boz Scaggs, and Peter Apfelbaum!

Gear and Endorsements

Paul has spent decades searching for the best gear for his unique style. In the course of his work he has been honored by endorsements and sponsorships from the companies whose gear he uses. 

Fox 660

The Fox Model 660 is a “thick wall” bassoon that projects a large, rich tone to meet the needs of soloists and orchestral players. A “short bore,” “thick wall” bassoon, the Model 660 is known for its singing, flexible tenor register and ability to project.


The combination of tip thickness, heart and the synthetic material makes this reed a unique tool in Paul's set up. The perfect Legere reed allows him to hop around the instrument's range with ease. 


A revolution for Paul. The Intramic delivers an analogic high-fidelity sound output, totally homogeneous accross all the instrument’s range, without any surrounding noise or feedback. 

Line 6 Helix

Line 6 has long been at the forefront of the aound modeling revolution. Paul uses their Helix line of multieffects pedals to create his unique sound.  It's a multieffects pedal that works as fast as he does!

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