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Hello there and welcome to 2022!

I just had eye surgery so I'm recovering a bit. 

I will be posting a few more concerts with artists like Taylor Eigsti, Ben Wendel, Michael Manring, Vitamin Em-Jon Batiste. Thank you for coming by now and again. I do most of my yakking on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram but I do show up here as well. Thank you-more coming. 

New video with Becca Stevens, Bill Stevens, Derek Jones, Jeff Sipe and Mike Seal-just came out:

take a minute of your time to enjoy this little song completely made up by all these musicians in their own spaces during the pandemic:


NEW-playalong tracks included in my latest Gumroad publication. Play along with a backing track as you negotiate the lines and groove of 'The Big Easy'-made famous by the band Zenith Patrol (with Victor Little, Thomas Pridgen and Haroun Serang. You will find that and more publications 


Hello! How are you all? Please visit my new Bandcamp page where you can buy fresh downloads of some of my new YouTube hits such as Rough Friends Store!

 Here's the link to my new book at

It's called JAZZ TRAINING FOR BASSOONISTS. It contains my personal jazz transcriptions of solos over standard jazz forms such as rhythm changes, blues, bebop, modal Blue Note jazz.  It's the next level of education for bassoon players-you'll really enjoy it!


I'm so glad to have found a way to make this book available in this manner. It has sold over 1000 copies since I wrote it ins 2003.  



I'm so sorry to let everyone know-I had to make a very tough decision not to tour with Billy Cobham this fall-so I could make the Carnegie Hall concert with Jon Batiste September 22nd, 2022. It was a very hard decision; COVID complications played a part in my decision but I hope to be back playing with Billy in the future! 


Vanderbilt University mini-residency. Solo concert and clinic-more info to come.

NEW: Performing with Jon Baptiste's American Symphony premiere -it was going to be May 7th-but COVID got in the way-now it's September 22nd, 2022 at Carnegie Hall-click here:

Vitamin EM -check this out for info: 

September 10th in SF for NPR 'SAY WHO!"  here:

Other dates in the Bay Area Oct 9 and Nov 20-check Vitamin Em link here:

With Berkeley Choro Ensemble and the ECHO Chamber Orchestra Sept 17th 

check here:

With RAZE THE MAZE album release party for "7AM DREAM" at Ivy Room, Albany CA Oct 27-check here for RTM info:

















Also-please visit my Bandcamp page where I have new material for sale:

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